Founded by international policy advisors and technologists, our mission is to leverage frontier technologies in AI, Big Data, and IoT to support rapid progress towards sustainable development.

The AI Sustainable Development Summit is proudly organized by New York Strategy, a data science consultancy, and powered by an independent, non-partisan community driven by the vision of technology as a catalyst for positive change.

This event is not hosted by the United Nations, and is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by the United Nations.

Professor Ramy Noaman, Founder

Ramy Noaman is an entrepreneur and former international policy advisor to foreign ministries in Europe and Latin America. He researches the social impact use cases for artificial intelligence and emerging technologies and builds partnerships between governments and the private sector to execute on these possibilities while empowering entrepreneurs.

Professor Noaman is a Venture Partner at 10X Ventures, serves an Adjunct Professor of Ethnic Conflict and Immigration Studies at New Jersey City University, and directs the data analytics firm NY Strategy.

Yusuf Abdul-Qadir, Programming Director

Yusuf Abdul-Qadir advises national and municipal governments on sustainable development strategy, and served previously as an international policy advisor. He advocates for social enterprise as a transformative tool in the war on poverty, and has served on the board of eco-business Plantagon.

Yusuf Abdul-Qadir is the Regional Director for the ACLU in Central New York.

Ahmed Galal, Operations Director

As a lawyer, Ahmed Galal advises international organizations on the legal tech that can strengthen their operational channels. He is interested in using his private sector experience to strengthen institutions at the frontier of sustainable development to leverage emerging technologies in order to deliver the greatest value to those in underprivileged communities, particularly in developing countries.

Ahmed earned his JD/MBA from the University of Connecticut.