Nigel is a mathematician and inventor of the Neuromathix technology and patents: new forms of evolutionary machine learning and adversarial AI, constructed using completely different mathematical approaches than neural networks, hence generating new machine learning and AI capabilities beyond neural networks.

Holding first class honours in pure mathematics and a PhD in differential game theory, he is a former Honorary Senior Fellow of the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Queensland. A former senior analyst in the Australian Government, he is experienced in running research programmes in both public and private sectors. He is one of Australia’s Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellows.

In 2001, he founded NeuroTech Research Pty Ltd (NTR), which was awarded a Queensland Government Innovation Start-Up Scheme (ISUS) grant for the development of software to aid medication of a number of chronic diseases, leading to the Neuromathix software. The company was a member of the Queensland Government’s i.lab Incubator, a technology incubator for promising start-ups.

At that time practical deployment of the Neuromathix algorithms had to be delayed until cheap, scalable massively-parallel computing platforms became available. With the advent of NVIDIA’s GPU computing architectures, a suitable computing platform now exists. In the interim, he began laying down a strong IP position in patents.

In other scientific fields, he was awarded the 2004 and 2007 Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellowships by the University of New South Wales for ongoing research in machine intelligence in aerospace.

Nigel is a director and CEO of Diabetes Neuromathix Pty Ltd (DNx), the spin-off company dedicated to the commercialisation of the Neuromathix artificial pancreas software.

Since 2016, Nigel has been team leader of Team MachineGenes, one of the teams in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, showcasing the DNx technology.