Dr. Senan Ebrahim is the founder and chairman of Hikma Health. He is dedicated to building robust data systems using cutting-edge technology to improve health outcomes for Syrian refugees. He has a PhD from Harvard in Computational Neuroscience, in which he applied machine learning approaches for seizure prediction in epilepsy. He has taught biostatistics and programming courses at Harvard Medical School. He has previously worked to build products for global health, including at nference, CrowdMed and Daktari Diagnostics. Senan is passionate about sharing the data revolution in medicine with those who can benefit from it most.

Hikma Health offers an end-to-end integrated platform that is specifically designed to fit the needs of under-resourced settings, including multilingual functionality and online-offline syncing. The team leverages cutting edge technologies to create personalized predictive models, and empower physicians and care providers with the data they need to improve outcomes for their patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

Hikma Health was born in the MIT Media Labs, is incubated at FastForward, a Google.org accelerator for nonprofits with scalable social impact, and was the winner of the Harvard Arab Alumni Association’s startup pitch in 2019.