Matthew James Bailey is a seasoned executive with an entrepreneurial mindset that has global reach. He can be hired as an elite consultant, an advisor, to lead a business initiative or feature as a keynote speaker. He is an internationally recognized pioneer and leading authority on the “Internet of Things” (IoT), Smart Cities and Innovation.

He is a mindful visionary who operates at the intersection of leading edge technologies and innovation to achieve positive social, environmental and economic change. Matthew has received wide public recognition for international achievements and has been a catalyst for the IoT/
Smart City revolution in many territories. Twice, he has been recognized by the US government as a person of “Extraordinary Ability” and is a 2015 Worldwide Technology Network award nominee – previous winners Elon Musk and Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He recently announced a national collaboration with US federal government agencies to launch a new initiative in Supercomputer Modeling and Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities and Smart Regions – the first of its kind.

Matthew has a global and regional vision for IoT, Smart Cities, Innovation and future societal systems. He is considered an IoT/Smart City Maven and renowned strategist. Matthew excels at “guiding” organizations in their innovation and digital transformation strategy. He has a unique track record at enabling impact and commercial growth in the IoT, Innovation and Smart City revolutions. He has worked with Fortune 500 technology companies, governments, economic development agencies, wireless and edge computing standards bodies, investors, entrepreneurs, startups and been a guest lecturer at Cambridge University.

Matthew was the first to introduce the UK Prime Minister and G7 governments to the IoT. He has 30 years experience in high-technology industries. He served on the board of ARIAC – elite global strategists advising the government of Alberta on policy, innovation and economic transformation. The province just announced a new cluster for Artificial
Intelligence as part of a Canadian-wide national innovation strategy. Recently, Matthew developed a Global Smart Cities business for a Fortune #109 technology company.

For most of his career, Matthew operated from the renowned technology cluster, Cambridge UK. He now lives in Colorado, USA where he operates globally in business. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys the arts, walking in nature, reading history and politics, writing, cooking and supporting people in discovering and living an empowered life.