Sergio is an Entrepreneur, investor & philanthropist, leading innovative public-private multi-stakeholder governance models, from shaping social initiatives, regulatory frameworks to smart city policy & programs inside governments.

In all of his work, from his business ventures and investments to his impact work, he leads the global development and policy work behind structuring Public Private Partnerships (PPP). In his philanthropic endeavors, as Chairman of PVBLIC Foundation, an organization focused on using media, technology & data to drive impact & change, he leads the foundation’s engagement with Governments from the White House to the United Nations and multinationals; public & private. Sergio has developed partnerships that today hosts the Latino Impact Summit, SDG Media Zone & SDG Media Summit, Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development, Blockchain for Impact; SDG Data Hub Giving Fund and many more, working across various multi-sectoral frameworks in support of the United Nations in collaboration across all its agencies. The collective platforms all focus on raising awareness and encourage action for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.